Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sidebar Nation and Ninja Mountain Podcasts

There quite a few podcasts covering the topics of illustration and comic book art.
A couple of my favorites are Sidebar Nation and Ninja Mountain.

Sidebar Nation,, is hosted by Dwight and Swain, two thoroughly knowledgeable guys who have a deep love of comics from way back in the day. There podcasts are interviews with a who's who of comics, graphic novels, concept art and illustration. This week, for their 101st episode, they interview the incredible Greg Manchess.

Ninja Mountain,, a loose collective of illustrators discussing all the nuts and bolts of illustrating sci-fi/fantasy. The podcasts is always interesting. As a group they are in different stages in their careers so the podcasts give you a broad down-to-earth view of the topics.

Both these podcasts are available at their blogs and through iTunes.


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  1. thanks!!!!

    i would like to add webcomicsweekly podcast (you can easiy find it on itunes). They may be comic guys but they talk business about 95% of the time. Con stuff as well. Good Stuff.